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From time to time, we have all struggled to start a fire, whether in a wood stove, in a fireplace, or while camping. Now, with the help of Little Bucket Firestarters, you will have a roaring fire in just a few minutes. First developed in the Summer of 1995, after its creators had spent their first winter with a new wood stove and found themselves using more newspaper and kindling than they would have ever thought possible … all in the continuing attempt to get the stove started.

They searched for an easier way, bought a variety of products, and found that none of them lived up to their claims. After a year of research and development, they finally produced a waterproof fire starter that would work as intended, with no need for newspaper or kindling. Little Bucket Firestarters are compressed wood shavings with a small amount of wax. Each one burns for 20 minutes.

Place one Firestarter on a bed of ashes or on top of the flat side of a piece of wood, pyramid a couple of additional pieces of wood on top, allowing for proper air flow, then light the top of the Firestarter. Allow for proper ventilation, but avoid wind and strong drafts. Always use common sense precautions with any flammable material. Always use Little Bucket Firestarters in an approved fire burning appliance or campfire.
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Little Bucket Bulk Case Of 250 Firestarters

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Little Bucket Pellet Firestarter 7 oz Can

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