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Fireplace Accessories

Fireplace Accessories These fireplace tools make your fireplace, wood stove, or fire pit easier and more fun to use. There are classic wood fireplace accessories as well as tools in more modern styles. Look through all of the different types of tools and envision what it will feel like when you use them with your own wood or gas fireplace.

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Faceplates Use a classic-style or contemporary faceplate to customize your fireplace. A faceplate frames your fireplace to give it an air of distinction and provide extra safety.

Fire Glass & Media Fire glass beads and crystals are a colorful way to upgrade your gas fireplace or outdoor fire pit. Use our fire glass calculator to determine how much you need.

Firebacks Finish your customized hearth area with a cast iron fireback in a classic pattern, an edgy modern design, or sleek shiny metal.

Fireplace Heaters Use a compact space heater to warm small rooms. These electric heaters provide all the heat of a fireplace or wood stove.

Fireplace Mantels Transform your fireplace into the focal point of your home with a flat or corner mantelpiece. A mantel can be used with wood, gas, and gel fires.

Hearth Pads A hearth pad makes your fireplace area look more polished and complete. You can also use hearth pads with wood and pellet stoves.

Remote Controls Install a remote control starter to make your gas or electric fireplace even easier to use.

Smoke Guards & Hoods Protect your mantel and hearth with a hood designed to deflect smoke, thereby preventing damage.

Fireplace Screens Protect your fireplace mantel and hearth with a decorative screen. Choose from a traditional folding screen or a minimalist mesh one.

Fireplace Grates Contain your fuel and reduce clean-up with an iron or steel grate.

Fireplace Doors Give your fireplace a vintage look with tempered glass doors. Hinged and sliding doors available.

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