Fireplace Screens

Fireplace Screens Attractive fireplace screens keep dangerous flying sparks and hot embers in your fireplace and out of your home.

Fireplace Child Guard Screens Ensure the safety of your small children with a fireplace child guard screen between them and the hot fire that warms your house.

Folding Fireplace Screens Attractive folding fireplace screens keep dangerous flying sparks out of your home and move aside easily when you add wood.

Hanging Fireplace Screens Keep the fire in your fireplace and enjoy maximum hearth space with a hanging fireplace screen.

Mesh Screens Hands-free mesh screens open easily and close automatically.

Single Panel Fireplace Screens Easy to move aside, single panel fireplace screens look great and protect your home from flying sparks.

Spark Guard Fireplace Screens Woven mesh screens allow maximum heat to enter your home while keeping the fire in your fireplace.

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