The finishing touch for your fireplace

21 Mar 2017

Fireplace Packages

Gas fireplaces have become the new gold standard. Wood fireplaces look great, but maintaining a wood supply is a hassle and it's difficult to control the flame. Gas fireplaces are easier and more convenient to use. The one thing they lack is the ambient mood created by the look and feel of real fire wood. Fortunately, you can remedy that with one of our gas logs!

Finishing Touches from Pearl Mantels

1 Feb 2017

Pearl Mantels

There's so much more to your fireplace than the firebox itself. We encourage you to think of your new installation as a fully realized decor space. A fireplace is the central focal point of the room it's in, even if you have other attention-grabbing pieces of furniture or artwork nearby. If you think all mantels look the same, you couldn't be more wrong: Pearl Mantels offers shelves and full mantel surrounds in designs to suit all preferences and design schemes. The entire Pearl line is on sale for the month of February, so this is a great time to consider whether your fireplace needs that extra something special to make it look more complete.

Grade-A cooking from the Z Grill!

24 Jan 2017

Z Grill

You might be wondering what a pellet grill can do for your food that other grills can't. The answer is simple: Flavor! Pellet grills infuse your food with full-bodied smokiness with the convenience and cleanliness of an electric grill. The Z Grill is one of the most sought-after pellet grills on the market due to its innovative design and precision controlls, and we've put them on clearance for a limited time only!

A hot deal for chilly weather!

17 Jan 2017

Carraig Mor Wood Stove

We have something special for you to get the year started off right! For a limited time only we are offering 13% off of the Carraig Mor wood stove by Boru. Crafted by experts in the heating industry, the Carraig Mor boasts over 70% efficiency and extremely low emissions. The design is an updated version of the classic wood stove style. It is streamlined and small, making it a versatile option for your home.