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One of our best pro grills is on sale! ...
Use code FIREMAGIC to get 10% off the propane or natural gas Echelon Diamond grill by Fire Magic!
The trick to getting faster, better BBQ ...
Read our new blog post to learn all about gas grilling! Check out the Sizzler for an affordable option that delivers maximum flavor.
How to give your gas fireplace a more traditional feel ...
This fire pit is a work of art! ...
This hand-made Third Rock fire pit from Fire Pit Art is a fire pit and art piece in one!
What every good host needs ...
The Marquee Fire Island from Outdoor GreatRoom will keep you and your guests warm on chilly nights!
ShopChimney loves you back! ...
From now until Valentine's Day, use code VALENTINE to get 5% off your next order!
Essential decor, now on sale...
The entire Pearl Mantels line is on clearance for the month of February! They have elegant full fireplace surrounds as well as minimalist rustic shelves. Check them out HERE!
Winter blues got you down? ...
Get ready for spring with an easy-to-use pellet grill!
Get ready to spend more time outdoors in 2017! ...
Click HERE to learn about interesting and creative ways to turn your backyard into your new favorite place to spend time!
Upgrade your kitchen for the new year! ...
Are you looking to replace your old fridge, freezer, or bottle storage? Look no further than Summit Appliance! Read our new blog post to learn more!
You've never seen fireplaces like this before! ...
Do you want a fireplace? Do you want it to look different from everyone else's fireplace? Napoleon Fireplaces has exactly what you're looking for!
Now we're cooking! ...
Cook outdoors all year long with Fire Magic Grills! From their elite Echelon Diamonc series to the user-friendly electric grills, Fire Magic is perfect for every kind of cook in every kind of home!
Something to be thankful for: Our biggest sale ever!
Use code TURKEYDAY to get 12% off on EVERYTHING in our store until Tuesday!
Here's a great gift idea ...
Fire Pit screens from Good Directions make great housewarming, graduation, or wedding shower gifts too! For the month of November, medium and large fire pit screens are 33% off! Check out this blog post for more info!
Time for an upgrade! ..
Check out our Boone Hearth collection for innovative ways to improve your fireside and grilling experience!
The one thing every handyman needs ...
Boone Hearth just launched its new nitrile gloves and they're already the best-selling all-purpose gloves on the internet! Click HERE to see why every craftsman and grill master is switching to Boone Hearth!
Check out our Labor Day sale! ...
You've only got a few more days to shop our great Labor Day sale! Stock up on your essential home items!
Luxury appliances at an affordable price! ...
For a limited time, get Orien USA appliances for an additional $50 off our already low prices!
This fire pit doubles as a rotisserie! ...
The Ion Fire Pit was inspired by the architecture of ancient Rome and has built-in side slots to hold your skewers or rotisserie. It even holds your campfire marshmallows!
Our favorite outdoor decor hack! ...
Need some more light in your backyard or patio space? This lantern with a built-in planter requires zero installation or set-up. Just plug it in and turn it on!
Your summer party doesn't have to end when the sun goes down ...
Instantly create mood and warm up your guests by setting up an outdoor heater! They're just like the ones at your favorite restaurant or bar!
Installing a fireplace is as easy as 1, 2, 3! ...
You don't have to gut your old fireplace before installing a brand new one! Just swap in a new insert! Our blog has more info!
The 2-in-1 combination pizza oven & outdoor grill! ...
The Alsace Dual Wood-Fired Outdoor oven and grill is all you need to cook outdoors all summer long! It's mounted on a convenient wheeled cars, and it works as an oven or a grill interchangeably, with no hassle or tricky parts to move around. Get it while it's on sale!
Want to build a custom fire pit? ...
Get all the parts from Elementi! They make burners, controls, realistic ceramic logs, and more! Mix and match to personalize your new fire pit! Or if you'd prefer, select Element's pre-made tree stump fire pit.
Just what your backyard party needs! ...
We love this versatile fire pit from Napoleon Fireplaces (in propane and natural gas)! You can place it flat on the ground or insert it in the coordinating table. For the months of June and July, we're offering a bonus deal: add one of the fire pits to your cart, and use code PATIOPARTY to get a free 16oz bottle of gas log cleaner! We hope your summer is off to a great start!
Now's the time to be thinking about your new fireplace! ...
Install your fireplace now so it'll be ready when it gets cold! Our fireplace packages take all the guesswork out of shopping! Read our new blog post to learn more!
Fuss-free, mess-free grilling! ...
Did you know that you can use an electric grill to cook food that tastes like it was expertly grilled over gas or charcoal? With one of our electric grills, all you have to do is pick a temperature and set a timer!
Grill like a pro on a budget! ...
You don't need to pay a lot of money for a state-of-the-art BBQ setup! Start with the Vista Charcoal Grill from Landmann for under $300, plus free shipping!


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