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044010 Scott Aerator Buble Pro Sub-Surface Aerator 44010

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MFR Scott Aerator
MPN 44010


Adding a sub-surface aeration system is a great way to boost water quality and oxygen levels while maintaining the natural appearance of your pond. This style of aerator has two diffuser modules that sit at the bottom of the pond, connected by weighted tubing which is in turn connected to an air compressor onshore. The compressor pumps much-needed air to the bottom of your pond, ensuring adequate oxygen levels during hot summer months.

Air is pumped from the compressor thru the weighted airline to the diffusers at the pond bottom. When the air reaches the diffuser, several thousand small air bubbles are created. These bubbles rise to the surface and produce an upward current. Water at the pond bottom is lifted to the surface where oxygen is replenished by the atmosphere.

The Bubble Pro comes complete with two diffusers; two lengths of 100-foot by 3/8-inch Quick Sink weighted tubing; a 1/4-hp, rocking-piston compressor; a valved air outlet assembly with individual controls for each hose and a pressure relief valve; and all required fittings and clamps. Designed for easy installation.

The Bubble Pro works as a pond de-icer too!

Coverage area:
  • 1/3 acre at 5 to 8 feet in pond depth
  • 2/3 acre at 9 to 12 feet in pond depth
  • 1 acre at 13 to 16 feet in pond depth
044010 - Scott Aerator Buble Pro Sub-Surface Aerator (MPN 44010)1/422 x 100' by 3/8'' Quick Sink weighted tubing


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