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45" Airculator Heat Exchanger with Blower

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Weight 15.00 lbs
UPC 689145829280
MFR Cascade Home Decor
MPN HE14501
Size 45 Inches


The Airculator Fireplace Furnace is an efficient heat exchanger that uses your fireplace fire to heat your home. Unique air jets direct air flow for faster, easier starts and hotter, cleaner-burning fires. The more complete fuel consumption means you have hotter fires while creating less pollution.

Dual air jets act like a blacksmith's bellows to feed the fire. The result: a faster-starting, hotter-burning fire that makes the best use of your fuel.

The Airculator is designed so that most glass enclosures can be placed directly on top of the horizontal section and installed in the fireplace according to manufacturers' instructions. The Airculator's heating capacity, teamed with a glass enclosure to prevent heat loss up the chimney, increases fireplace efficiency. The Airculator can also be used with most mesh fireplace screens.

The Airculator Fireplace Furnace not only offers an unrestricted view of the fire, but also does not interfere with the operation of the fireplace (tending the fire, cleaning out ashes, etc.) It also does not interfere with the operation of glass enclosures or Fire screens. Optional special finish manifold faceplates to match many glass enclosures or Fire screens are available (not included).

  • The Forge Effect
  • Uninterrupted View of Fire
  • Circulates fireplace Heat Usually Lost up Your Chimney
  • Reversible Left or Right Unobtrusive Fan Box Outside of Firebox
  • Highly Effective and Quiet Low voltage Blower - Allows Emergency Operation
  • Includes HE11000 Blower/Power Supply
  • Built to Last
  • Easy Installation
  • Reduces Home Heating Costs
  • Simple to Use with Fire screens or Glass Doors
  • Fits 34"-39" opening width Standard Fireplaces or up to 45" wide Glass Fireplace Screens
  • Dimensions: 45" Width


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