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Ahrens is a chimney installer and repairer for both residential and professional buildings. The company prides itself on its transparency and customer satisfaction. Ahrens ensures that clients understand exactly what a chimney installation entails and which steps need to be taken. Clients are always happy with Ahrens' products and services because Ahrens goes out out of their way to keep clients involved in the process.

Ahrens has been installing and relining chimneys for over 70 years. Their chimney liners are applied in one smooth pour that does not allow for leaks and cracks. Their chimneys are suitable for all fuels, and the outside of the chimney is not affected by internal maintenance or repairs. Ahrens' services are ideal for people who are restoring older homes and historical buildings.


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Ahrens Small Masonry Clean-out Door
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Ahrens Large Masonry Clean-out Door
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