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Creo Bag 6" II-CB6 By Hearth Helper

Creo Bag 6" II-CB6 By Hearth Helper
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MFR Hearth Helper


When it's time to clean out your stove pipes, attach the Creo bag to the stove pipe with the easy reusable strap and continue to clean without any mess. You don't have to remove the Creo Bag to attach/remove additional rods, simply slide them thru the specially designed sleeve on the side of the Creo bag. The kit includes 3 bags and 1 reusable strap. This bag is used while cleaning flue pipes, for containing all of the falling creo/ash/debree. The Creo bag gives you the convienence of cleaning your flue from inside your home with no mess. The special sleeve allows for easy adding/removing of additional rods without having to remove the bag from the flue. When complete, simply release the strap & toss the bag away.

  • 3 bags per box with one reusable strap
  • 3 mil clear poly for easy view
  • For 6 inch diameter flue pipe
  • Bags length= 80 inches
  • Bag with sleeve for insertion/removal of sweep rods during cleaning
  • Made in the USA

When you are ready to clean your wood burning stove pipes, the Creo Bag is a great and easy solution to getting it done quickly, cleanly and safely. Simply, insert your first rod and head brush into the Creo Bag and slide the top of the bag with the strap over your pipe and tighten the Velcro strap. Clean the first section of pipe, then insert your next rod thru the specially designed sleeve in the side of the bag. Make sure to insert the right end first to attach to previous rod. Repeat these steps until all pipes are clean. Once your complete, pull the bottom rod down until you can reach the first connection point. Use one hand to hold the upper rod still and unscrew the lower rod with the other hand. You can pull the rod out thru the sleeve. Repeat this step until last rod. Once all rods have been removed, release the Velcro strap and dispose of bag. Remember the Velcro strap is reusable with the other bags.