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Everyone wants a fireplace, but sometimes one isn't always possible. You may live in a condo or house that is too small, or in a municipality that prohibits it. Now there is an alternative just as warm and considerably more environmentally friendly than a real fireplace.

Each stainless steel unit from Eco-Feu houses a genuine flame, which can be adjusted manually. The combustion of ethanol releases only steam and carbon dioxide, making it an environmentally friendly choice, especially in cities without much elbow room. Odors and creosote from traditional fireplaces are avoided.

There are many benefits to this ecological unit. The flame burns without smoke or odor, emitting a gentle heat. Its intensity can be adjusted to create the desired mood. The wall units are easily installed on any wall while the portable model can move easily from one room to another, or even from the inside to the outside. These are the hearths of tomorrow!
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