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Vented 24" Millivolt Control Slope Glaze Burner - LP- BURNER ONLY

Vented 24" Millivolt Control Slope Glaze Burner - LP- BURNER ONLY
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Weight 29.00 lbs
UPC 5054424399139
MFR Empire Comfort Systems
Size 24"
Fuel Type Propane
Type Millivolt


This burner is certified for use in an existing fireplace with an open damper flue. Vented systems do not burn the gas used cleanly and therefore need to be exhausted through an open chimney - similar to burning wood. A vented burner can only be used in this application. It is not convertible to vent-free operation. A vented burner can be rated up to 75,000 BTUs to create taller flames but is still only rated as a decorative system and is not for use as a heat source and cannot be operated by a thermostat. A vented burner is only available in a manual model and a millivolt model. This is a manual model. The BTU input range is from 40000 (reduced*) - 65000.
The main advantage of a vented burner is the more realistic yellow flame created by the open flue. Unfortunately, to get the more realistic fire-look, the heat goes up the chimney as well.
If you are only looking for a decorative, non-heat source with more realistic fire then a Vented Burner is what you want in a gas log set.

Includes: Slope Glaze Burner, Embers, Lava Rock, Flex Line and Fittings.

  • Model #: VSR24LP
  • Fuel Type: Liquid Propane
  • Ignition Type: Millivolt Control
  • Type of Venting: Vented
  • Fireplace Style Single Sided
  • This log set is to be installed only in a solid-fuel burning fireplace with a working flue constructed of non-combustible material. The vent damper must also have a damper clamp attached to it to keep the damper from accidentally closing during operation
  • Certified for installation as vented log set ONLY. The installer must block the fireplace damper partially open. A special flue-damper clamp is included with burner
  • For use with LS24B2, LS24C2, LS24C2S, LS24P, LS24RS, LS24RSS and LS24SRAO Logs by Empire Comfort Systems
  • BURNER ONLY: Slope Glaze Burner
  • Overall Dimensions: 24" (L)
  • Minimum Dimensions for Fireplaces: 30" (Front Width) x 15" (Depth) x 22" (Height)
  • BTU: 50000* / 75000
Logs are shown in image, however not included in this product.

Proposition 65 Warning

WARNING: This product may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm