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Wynn Wall Mounted or Built in Fireplace - Stainless Steel

Wynn Wall Mounted or Built in Fireplace - Stainless Steel
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SKU FG-WU-00072-SS
Weight 65.00 lbs
UPC 633210556731
MFR Eco-Feu
MPN WU-00072-SS
Type Wall-Mounted
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A wall-mounted/built-in fireplace, perfect for entertaining indoors. The Wynn comes complete with decorative stainless steel burner. Burns Eco-Feu Bioethanol Fuel. Gas emissions from an ethanol fireplace are comprised of water vapor and carbon dioxide. The quantity of carbon dioxide or CO2 emitted during combustion is no more than the equivalent of two medium size candles and as for the quantity of water emitted in the air it has the same properties as a conventional humidifier. It would be wise however to open a window from time to time just so to allow the air to circulate. Ethanol is not a fossil energy like wood or petroleum oil, so it cannot leave soot or stain like traditional fireplaces. The only deposits which can appear on our fireplaces are the ones due to the presence of micro dusts in the air. You can easily clean them if need be with a simple wet sponge once the fireplace has cooled down. For stainless steel or brush steel surfaces you can find cleaning products at your nearest home products store Eco-Feu recommends to use its own brand ethanol Eco-Feu / Ecolo-Fire for its ecological fireplaces. Likewise, DO NOT use Eco-Feu fuel in any other company's products. They are biological fuels, produced from cereal (sugar beets, corn, colza or sugar cane), and distilled until it produces pure alcohol. An adulterant is added to the product so that the alcohol is unfit for consumption. Presently, our ethanol offers the best efficiency and the best safety for domestic use. However, everyone is free to use any other fuel other than the Ecolo-Fire brand but at his or her own risks and perils.

  • Burner: 1.7L
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Style: Wall Mounted / Built-In
  • Eco-Feu Bioethanol Fuel Sold Separately
Package Includes:
  • Wall Mounted Fireplace Only
  • Length: 8.07 inch
  • Width: 35.83 inch
  • Height: 31.9 inch


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