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AutoFill with Fluidmaster Valve, Almond

AutoFill with Fluidmaster Valve, Almond
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Aside from having pool equipment, it is necessary to have these pool equipment to be protected by ensuring proper water level. The Automatic Water Fillers are an innovative tool that protects your pool investment lessen the effects of failure to keep water level right. These automatic water fillers are available for both standard and vanishing edge pools by using manageable and reliable float mechanisms that help in controlling and monitoring the water level in the pool or spa. When water drops below a preset level, the unit meters in additional water until the proper level is restored. If water levels are too high, the built-in overflow will take the right amount of water out of the system. It is available for standard in-ground and vanishing edge pools. It prevents damage to pool and spa equipment due to low water levels. It is uncomplicated with no electronic controls. It helps in preventing water waste and landscape damage because of overfilling pool. It is available in different colored lids and matching rings including almond, black, grey, and white. Its different models are available with side-mounted or bottom-mounted plastic fill valves. Its diameter has a compact seven-inch design which makes it easy to put into new designs or renovations in both vanishing edge and standard pools. It has a tough, corrosion- and chemical-resistant ABS polymer construction for durability and longer life span. The standard model can be equipped with either a side-mounted valveor a Fluidmaster Valve. Protected by US Patent number 6,035,879