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B-Vented IPI Gas Fireplace w/Burnt Oak Logs and Black Grill Kit - NG

B-Vented IPI Gas Fireplace w/Burnt Oak Logs and Black Grill Kit - NG
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Weight 200.00 lbs
UPC 689145608625
MFR Kingsman
Fuel Type Natural Gas


Kingsman quality fireplaces let you enjoy the beauty of glowing embers and dancing flames and up to 85% maximum efficiency. Create an elegant and warm focal point in your home. Kingsman fireplaces have fully sealed combustion chambers with no pollution spillage to depreciate the indoor air quality of your home.

Use air cooled pipe (B-vent), or gas flex liners to vent appliances. This type of appliance uses room air for combustion and exhausts through the B-vent pipe or flexible gas liner. Vented appliances are not as restricted in venting length as compared to direct vent appliances and can utilize existing chimney systems by running gas flex liner into existing chimneys and terminating with a raincap and flashing.

Note: This Unit doesn't Include Thermostat or Remote Control, Compatible Systems are EGTRC (Remote Control - Thermostat), EGTMRCN (Remote Control - Thermostat/Modulating) and EGTFRCN (Remote Control - Thermostat/Modulating/Fan).

Brick liner and brushed chrome grill kit are shown in image (Not Included, Sold Separately), however black grill kit is included.

Includes: Dual Burner, Logs, Grill Kit, SIT Valve with Hi/Lo, Downdraft Limit Switch, Wall Switch, Tempered Glass and Safety Screen.

  • Fireplace:
    • BTUs: 21,000
    • BTUs (Min): 14,000
    • Top Flue
    • Ignition: IPI
    • Fuel: Natural Gas
    • Dual burner with Realistic Flame Pattern
    • Hi/low IPI valve system with variable adjustment of flame and BTU
    • A flame sensor that constantly monitors the pilot flame and provides 100% gas shut off if pilot is not sensed
  • Logs:
    • Log Type: Burnt Oak
    • Eight Piece Log Set
  • Grill Kit:
    • Black
  • Flue: 4"
  • Overall Dimensions: 36" (W) x 15.75" (D) x 33.75" (H)
  • Framing Dimensions: 36.37" (W) x 15.37" (D) x 34" (H)


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