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AW Perkins Big Stick Soot Remover - 36 Sticks

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SKU DP-81196
Weight 8.00 lbs
UPC 633210519293
MFR AW Perkins
MPN 81196


Removes and prevents dangerous creosote buildup. Use between professional cleanings.

  • Toss entire tube onto a brisk fire. Do not attempt to open tube.
  • Use only in airtight stoves, furnances, and fireplaces
  • The stick creates colorful flames with no mess
  • Use 1 stick per 10 fires


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Army Guy
Mar 8, 2013
The Kwik-shot soot stopper has worked for several years for us. We have a 22' stainless, double-wall chimney and, while we try to burn only seasoned wood, occasionally we hit a run of less-than-perfect wood. The use of this product has eliminated the rental of a lift platform to access the top of the chimney and we have been able to avoid hiring a chimney sweep. We constantly monitor the pipe for any build-up and a quick treatment with the Kwik-shot cures any issues. The only itty-bitty item is that after a cleaning, flecks of ejected soot are evident on the snow on the lawn. That's not a problem, just evidence that the product has worked. Good stuff!