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Chimney Accessories

Chimney Accessories Everything you need to make your chimney work better and last longer. This section features caulk, sealants, chimney cleaning supplies, chimney sweep brushes and other tools, and gasket materials. Make your chimney more efficient with chimney fans, vents, inducers, pipe terminators, flashing, draw collars, tops, chimney pipe and chimney cleaner.

Sealants, Caulking & Mortars
Gasket Material & Cement

Chimney Gasket Materials & Cement Chimney gasket material and cement keeps water out of your chimney and smoke or soot from leaking into your home.

Chimney Sealants, Caulking and Mortars Easily and professionally seal and repair your masonry and caulk joints.

Chimney Cap Accessories Animal covers, screens and the adapters you need to make them fit onto your chimney.

Chimney Cleaning Keeping your chimney clean eliminates dangerous chimney fires and makes your chimney draw better so that your fire burns hotter and keeps your house warmer. 

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