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Cre-Away Creosote Modifier (Case of 6)

Cre-Away Creosote Modifier (Case of 6)
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Weight 7.00 lbs
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Cre-Away is a four component powder that'safely and effectively modifies glazed or third-degree creosote so that it can be more easily removed by chimney sweeping. First, a reactive agent neutralizes the slightly acidic creosote making it less corrosive to metal components and less flammable. Second, a dehydrator absorbs the oils and moisture contained in some forms of creosote. Third, a combustion inhibitor helps reduce the chance of chimney fires. Finally, a magnesium catalyst helps break down third degree creosote when the flue is heated by normal use. The catalyst in Cre-Away turns creosote into a char that can be more easily removed. Cre-Away works best when the flue gases are heated to about 600degrees F (surface stove pipe temperature about 300degrees F). Apply Cre-Away directly to the flue (not into the fire) using the 1 lb. applicator bottle.
  • Effective On All Types Of Creosote
  • Helps Prevent Chimney Fires by aiding in the removal of creosote
  • Reduces Creosote Odors
  • Chimneys Clean Easier and More Completely
  • Fast and Easy To Use
Technical Information:
  • Coverage Rate: Use 1/3 of the bottle on each fire
  • Available sizes: Case of Six 1 lb bottles
  • Reaction Time: 1-2 weeks on average, longer for heavier buildup
NOTE: Not recommended for use with wood stoves having catalytic combustors unless put in bypass mode.


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Apr 7, 2017
Invert your shop-vac hose to blowing. Get a small fire going the start the updraft. Pour some of the ChimneySaver in the end of the hose, put the hose up in between the damper opening and turn it on for a few seconds. Turn it off and repeat until the bottle is gone. Do this each of the next few fires and do a chimney sweep after treatments. Our creosote came right off with Rutland Chimney sweep brushes from Home Depot. The product works great this way. Highly recommended before a clean.
Apr 10, 2014
Very satisfied with this product, it was recommended by my chimney sweep.. Simple to use and by far better than other brands.