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American Fireglass 0.5" Cobalt Non-Reflective Fire Glass - 10 lbs.

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0.5" Cobalt Fire Glass Remember that beautiful antique cobalt glass art work? Now you can replicate this beauty in your fireplace with our 1/2" Cobalt Fire Glass. It has the same gorgeous cobalt color as our 1/4 cobalt fire glass but with larger glass pieces. Chunkier pieces allow air to circulate better, and results in a bigger flame. The liquid-like effervescent flame when blazes over the bed of cobalt fire glass, creates a fire display that will leave you mesmerized. Perfect for classic decor dominated by colors of blue or earthen tones, 1/2" Cobalt Fire Glass can turn a drab fireplace into a piece of decorative art. You can eve mix it with clear fire glass to create a more interesting color scheme. It works well for both indoor and outdoor fire features. 1/2" Cobalt Fire Glass is manufactured By American Fireglass using brand new glass that is tempered to perfection. It can withstand extreme temperatures (up to 1300 degrees) without losing color, shine, or shape. So, even after years of use it won't melt, discolor, or degrade. Another important quality of fire glass is that it does not emit any smoke, soot, or ash. So, it is extremely easy to clean and maintain. Bid adieu to the fire logs and stones, and treat yourself to a mesmerizing fire experience with 1/2" Cobalt Fire Glass.

  • Type: Non-Reflective Fire Glass
  • Color: Cobalt
  • Color-Infused Tempered Glass Engineered to Perfection
  • Stringent Multi-Step QC Encompassing Polishing
  • Higher Temperature when Compared to Logs, Lava Rocksand Stones etc.
  • Remove any Kind of Debris Before Lighting
  • Easy Cleaning and Rinse with Vinegar and Water (50:50) as Required
  • For use with Fire Bowls, Fire Pits and Fireplaces
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Size: 0.5" (Thick)


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