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Cookin Pellets 40 Lbs Black Cherry Wood Pellets

Cookin Pellets 40 Lbs Black Cherry Wood Pellets
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The folks at Cookin Pellets were displeased with the quality and flavors of the pellets that were currently being sold on the market. They knew they could make a pellet that couldn't be beat in a pellet grill. They bought their own mill and got to work using the local hard woods that were available to them. These are not made from scrap wood like others use, these are the real deal, that was over a decade ago and through the years they have brought to us some amazing smoke through the Power of the Pellet.

This is a WINNER with Pork!! Not saying you can't use it on anything else! It just seems to shine with flavor on pork. It works great with fish also! Do everything, hamburgers, steak, chops, muffins and cookies(very good on those also) and the list goes on.
  • It is lighter in smoke but still finishes with a nice smoke!
  • Try it for cold smoked dishes also.
  • This is made to work best between 180-350 degrees. Remember low temps gets best flavor!
  • No oak or alder filler.
  • 100% of what we say it is NO Filler.
  • Low moisture
  • Low Fine, dust.
  • Mid-High BTU
  • Pellets are 100% of the wood named! No added filler or soft woods like others do. Some companies use 80% Oak or Alder, a cheaper filler wood mixed into the wood you are buying!


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