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3583763 T1 Pterodac Tile - Large

3583763 T1 Pterodac Tile - Large
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Weight 2.00 lbs
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MFR A.W. Perkins
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The patented Pterodac TILE tile remover is the answer to many of the difficulties encountered when removing flue tiles that aren't mortared to the chimney walls. The design allows lifting tile and large debris out of a chimney. This makes it easier to remove tile pieces from the top rather than breaking them into smaller pieces and fighting them through a thimble or fireplace damper and hauling out pieces in buckets.

The T1 which is the Large Pterodac TILE has a rugged longer striking jaw that smashes the mortar surrounding tile allowing you to get a grip on the tile. It weighs nearly ten pounds. There's a winch point for extra heavy lifts. It has a universal joint to allow flexibility and ease of use with a 500 pound lifting capacity.

The T2, the Small PerodacTILE is made of cast aluminum and used for picking up loosened tiles or helping with large tile lifts in conjunction with a T1. The jaws open wide for picking up block up to 4'' thick. The locking jaw makes it a big pincer to retrieve dropped tools, or unlock to allow flexibility to grab tiles or blocks. T2's narrow inner jaw allows it to grip round tiles that are harder to break out and remove.

The pads on both tools are replaceable if that is ever necessary. Delivered straight from the manufacturer to you. Use ButtonLok style rods to operate these tools. Proudly made in the USA!

These tools can be purchased separately, however it is recommended to buy them as a set.

  • Model: 3583763
  • Brand: A.W. Perkins
  • Accessory
  • T1 Large Pterodac Tile
  • Type: Tile