Dryer Booster

Dryer Booster
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This unit is perfect for those with a dryer with a long-run exhaust duct. The long-run exhaust duct can cause many problems for homeowners, including extended drying time, and general wear and tear on the dryer. This can increase the risk of a dryer fire.
Shop Chimney is proud to offer the DryerJet Vent Booster by Acme Miami! Easy as pie installation ensures that you can start using this dryer booster as soon as it arrives. Simply plug it in for a fully automatic operation. The adjustable pressure switch (model PS-35) is wired to a 115 volt power cord that is 10 feet long. You can install this dryer booster next to the dryer, or anywhere in the line. It automatically turns on and off along with the dryer. 



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Jan 22, 2016
Great product and it has been working perfect for the last 2 months. Installation did offer up some minor challenges. I think it was because I wanted to do it in a way that just was not going to work. So I was stuck on that idea. Go through the trouble and create the outlet like they want you to do. It made the final installation so much easier. Mine ended up 7 to 8 feet away from the outlet of the dryer. That may or may not be too close. It is in a position where I can clean it, fix it, adjust it, or change it out easily. The main thing is that it works. The pressure switch works perfect. It is ducted using 99 percent rigid ducting. I used flexible ducting between the lint trap and the booster fan to easily clean it out and get a vacuum in it to clean it out. I foil taped every seam to lock everything together, and it helps to keep the static pressure up. It blasts the air outside. The clothes are drying much faster and the system works great. The mounting hardware works but you will want to add to it in a way you think it would work for you. The screws are an issue. Just use the right size and pay attention. I was able to use strapping for more support. Do not mess around with trying to get to secretive with the fan. You will need to get to it all the time. If you are older and have knee issues do not try and place it in the corner of an attic just to make your wife happy and show off to your friends. This is a situation where functional use needs to out rank visual appeal. I know how guys think. Always wanting to hide everything. No one really cares anyway. Make it work and move on.