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Dunn Rite FP5 Self Watering Planter - Sandstone

Dunn Rite FP5 Self Watering Planter - Sandstone
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Self Watering Planter - Sandstone Features: - Self watering planter - Up to 2 months without watering - Perfect for people that travel or just want the convenience of rarely watering - Can be used anywhere not exposed to rain - Holds 1.5 gallons of water - Hidden cover is easily removed to install clip in funnel for easy refills Instructions on How to Use the Dunn-Rite Self-Watering Planter - Using potting soil position your plant or flower in the planter so that soil comes up to the ???dirt line??? inscribed on the inside of the planter. - Position the planter so that the plant or flower gets a good amount of sunlight and protected from rain. - Remove fill hole cover on outside edge of planter. - Place supplied funnel into fill hole and fill planter with water until inside basin is full (holds approximately 2 gallons). Then remove funnel and insert fill hole cover back into place. - Do not water again until soil and plant appear dry (anywhere between 30-60 days depending on plant size, water consumption and sunlight). - Warning: If plant is not getting enough sun and the planter is holding water, refill with just one gallon of water each time to avoid root rot. Dimensions: 13''L x 13''W x 17''H