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Fire & Flavor Hero Charcoal Briquets - 8 Sleeves

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The HERO Portable Charcoal Grill was designed to enhance your grilling experience wherever you may roam. Now, with the convenient HERO Briquets, you can reuse your compostable pod trays up to four times, making it easier to grill through the weekend using one disposable pod. Heat customization is now possible as well. Just use one layer for basic grilled items and add a second layer for higher temperature searing. The Eco-friendly and instant light HERO Bamboo Charcoal Briquets are ready in 10 minutes and deliver over 60 minutes of cooking time. Packed in eight easy to use sleeves, the HERO Charcoal is a healthier choice, as the charcoal is plant-based and low VOC. Plus, you don't get your hands dirty having to handle and light charcoal!

Features :
  • REFILL YOUR POD TRAY: Easily refill your existing Hero Grill Charcoal Pod Tray up to four times with these briquet sleeves
  • WHY PAY MORE? Buying briquet sleeves is a more cost-effective solution to replacing the whole tray
  • NO MESS CHARCOAL BRIQUETS: The durable, eco-friendly HERO Charcoal Briquets are compact for easy storage and less mess compared to other bagged briquettes. Perfect for storing in your kitchen, boat or camper so you?re always ready to grill
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: HERO Charcoal Briquets are clean burning, compact and portable, their Earth friendly ingredients are low VOC, making them an environmentally friendly fuel choice compared to petroleum based alternatives
  • QUICK LIGHT CHARCOAL: HERO Charcoal provides a simple and fast lighting charcoal
  • GRILL YOUR WAY: Great for backyard grilling, picnics and camping. Heat up your grilling experience with Fire and Flavor and the Hero Grill
  • Ninety six (96) HERO Charcoal Briquets in eight (8) sleeves of twelve (12) briquets
  • For use with models FFG1, FFG2, FFG3
  • Capacity/Size: 96 briquets


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