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Fireplace Inserts & Fireboxes

Fireplace Inserts Quickly and easily change your wood-burning fireplace to gas or electric with a ready-made insert.

Natural Gas Inserts & Fireboxes
Propane Gas Inserts & Fireboxes
Wood Burning Inserts & Fireboxes
Electric Fireplace Inserts & Fireboxes
Ethanol Fireplace Inserts & Fireboxes

Electric Fireplace Insert The most user-friendly and low-maintenance option. Turn on the realistic flames or leave them off and just enjoy the heat.

Propane Gas Fireplace Inserts Gas inserts are some of our most popular items. Transform your old wood fireplace into a state-of-the-art modern gas unit with one of these inserts.

Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts Upgrade your wood fireplace without undergoing a full renovation.

Natural Gas Fireplace Inserts For homes that are heated with natural gas. Get a real flame whenever you want, without the firewood and messy cleanup.
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