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Fireplace Maintenance

Fireplace Maintenance Everything you need to clean, protect and fuel your fireplace, whether it is an indoor or outdoor fireplace or even a propane fire pit. We also have tools for fireplace mantels and wood burning stoves.

Tools & Hardware
Fireplace Tool Sets
Hearth Cleaners
High Temp Paint
Fireplace Gloves
Ash Holders & Vacuums
Decorative Bricks

Ash Holders and Vacuums Ash buildup keeps your fire from burning as hot as it should. Finish your fire and chimney cleaning fast with a modern vacuum or classic fireplace tools.

Decorative Bricks Transform the inside of your ordinary looking fireplace with the beauty and charm of inexpensive and easy to install brick tiles and panels that look exactly like real masonry building materials.

Fireplace Cleaners Got soot stains? Need to polish your brass or glass? Spray on cleaners are an instant chimney sweep for your full fireplace or fireplace inserts.

Fireplace Gloves Protect your hands from burns, splinters and unsightly soot with suede or leather gloves. Essential fireplace safety tools!

Floor and Wall Protectors Protect your hearth and home from ugly burn marks in and around your fireplace. Protect the wall behind your stove from dangerous overheating and burning with a carpet protector or a corner protector.

Gas Valve Keys These universal keys for gas fires work for both vented and ventless gas fireplaces.

Hearth Tools and Tool Sets Attractive and practical -pokers and tongs for turning logs, shovels and brushes for cleaning. Hundreds of lovely styles for your fireplace, wood burning stove, or outdoor fireplace.

High Temperature Paint Brighten up your stove or fireplace and the area around it with safe, high temperature stove paint. This touch up paint is formulated to withstand high heat.

Logs and Fire Starters Start your fire quickly and easily with a magnesium fire starter or attractive fire logs for gas or electric fireplaces. We also have fuel for gel or wood burners.

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