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Gateway Drum Smoker 55 Gallon - Charcoal

Gateway Drum Smoker 55 Gallon - Charcoal
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SKU GDS-55122
Weight 150.00 lbs
UPC 858488005075
MFR Gateway Drum Smokers
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Uniquely engineered for quality performance, Gateway Drum Smokers is the acclaimed premier brand of drum smokers on the market. Pioneering a new vision of barbecue, a Gateway Drum Smoker offers an innovative solution to overnight pit-tending by slashing long cooking hours, while simultaneously providing moister, more flavorful results in half the time. Manufactured right here in the USA, Gateway Drum Smokers possess fuel efficiency that is second to none, and its user-friendly, light and portable design adds a versatile edge to every cook. Designed for the revolutionary HOT & FAST approach, but crafted to embrace the traditional Low & Slow cooking method, Gateway Drum Smokers serves up supreme performance on a backyard budget. Up your game, lower your cost, and produce mouth-watering, Grand Champion results every time.

Gateway Drum Smokers are designed to maximize the flavor, moisture, and tenderness of your barbecue. Cooking at temperatures between 250 - 325 degrees maximizes vaporization while uniting with smoke to generate an intense tenderizing effect leaving you with the sought after backyard grill flavor that is not present in other cookers. These affordable, user friendly smokers are perfect for any BBQs, whether competing at the famous American Royal, tailgating at the big game, or entertaining in the backyard. Impress family and friends by embracing the new way of barbecuing.HOT & FAST. on a brand new Gateway Drum Smoker.

  • Color: Charcoal
  • 22.5" Plated steel cooking grate (1)
  • Removable, high-capacity fire basket
  • Logo Plate
  • Lid hook inside grill lid
  • Fixed, center-mounted 3" Custom Dial Thermometer 50&deg - 500&degF
  • Two welded, air adjusting intake pipes
  • Air adjusting exhaust pipe
  • Two welded steel handles
  • Fully Assembled
  • Removable Caster Wheel Kit
  • Paint Standards: High-Heat Resistant Paint (withstands temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Overall Dimensions: 28" (L) x 23" (W) x 44" (H)
  • Package Dimensions: 48 x 48 x 48 Standard pallet
  • Packaged Weight: 150 lbs.


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