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Grill Innovations was founded by Ed Hamlin, an auto repair man who has a love for cooking and eating good food. The original idea for his grill plate came out of his long-standing tradition of cooking lunch for his employees every Friday. He usually cooks food like steak, chicken, and burgers. After a while, he started brainstorming new and different foods to cook. He decided to try a meat loaf on the grill. His grill had adjustable burners, so it should have baked without any problems. However, the meatloaf burned black

This is how the design of the "grill plate" came about. His friends, family, and staff were all impressed that not only did casseroles and lasanga turn out well on the device, but sweet foods like cakes and cookies baked perfecly as well.
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Rectangular Grill Oven Plate by Grill Innovations for Smoking Baking & Roasting
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