Hearth Accent

Fireplace Hearth Accents Create a unique, charming atmosphere around your fireplace or outdoor fire pit with the right fireplace hearth accents for your lifestyle. Browse this section for creative fireplace ideas.

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Andirons Augment your hearth with andirons in classic or modern styles. Use them in real fireplaces or with log burners.

Bellows Bellows are essential fireplace tools; they help you get your fire started. They’re particularly useful for blowing on embers to bring a fire back to life, whether it is in a fireplace or a wood stove.

Candelabra Candlelight and firelight is a beautiful combination. Decorate your hearth and home with chandeliers, candlestick centerpieces, or creative arrangements of votive candles.

Decorative Accents All home decor styles benefit from some personal touches. Surround your home furniture with some metal wall art and throw pillows.

Firewood Racks and Carriers Choose a firewood rack for your log store needs. We have firewood baskets, holders, and carriers in all styles.

Hearth Cabinets These mantels frame your wood, gas, or electric fire. These cabinets integrate fires into fireplace surrounds for a classic, elegant look.

Hearth Rugs Enjoy the pleasure of a warm hearth rug in front of your fire with these indoor and outdoor rugs. We have Persian and Oriental rug styles!

Hearth Steamers Place a steamer in your fireplace or over your wood burner instead of using a humidifier or traditional potpourri. Add atmosphere and fragrance to your fireplace hearth.

Kettles Cook food or brew beverages right over your fire with a high-quality tea kettle. We also have electric kettles and glass kettles.

Trivets Attractive trivets create a safety barrier between the bottom of your kitchen tools and any surface. Rest your cooking utensils on a decorative trivet to keep your kitchen furniture clean.

Waterfalls Enhance your hearth area with an indoor water fountain. We also have garden ponds and pond supplies.

Dutch Ovens Enjoy the delicious flavors that only cast-iron and a wood fire can impart to your food. Prepare your favorite Dutch oven recipes and slow cooker meals with our crock pots and cast iron cookware.

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