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Hearth & Fireplace Accessories

Our large selection of hearth and fireplace accessories includes fireplace screens, bellows, fireplace cooking items, fireplace grates, hearth storage, fireplace tool sets, fireside wood racks, wood stove parts, decorative bricks, andirons, firebacks, fireplace cleaners and more.

Get your wood burning fireplace accessories and tools.

Fireplace Parts
Fireplace Guards
Home Heating
Fireplace Maintenance
Fire Starters & Extinguishers
Hearth Accent

Fireplace Parts Get the part that you need for your wood burning fireplace, gas fireplace, gel fuel fireplace, or electric fireplace. Don't know which part you need? Email customer service for help. We offer conversion kits, venting parts, pipes, surrounds, and more for the best prices online.

Fireplace Guards Make sure your hearth is safe! We offer fireplace screens, fireplace doors, fireplace child safety gates, and legally required barrier screens for your gas direct vent fireplace. 

Home Heating Our selection of heaters and heating products includes gas heaters such as wall heating units, electric heaters like space heaters, water heaters, oil heaters and heating parts. Not sure which one you need? Email customer service for help choosing the perfect heater for your needs!

Fireplace Maintenance Your hearth may require lots of TLC, but luckily, Shop Chimney has you covered! Our vast selection of fireplace maintenance products includes wood racks, log carriers, fireplace tool sets, hearth cleaners, high temp touch-up paint, heat resistant gloves, ash holders, ash vacuums, bellows, and so much more...

Fire Starters & Extinguishers Our firestarters, log lighters, fatwood, bioethanol fuel, and eco-friendly fire starters will help you get those flames roaring! Control the gas flow of your gas fireplace with our gas key valves, and put out your wood fire with snuffers and extinguishers.

Hearth Accent The best part of having a hearth is decorating it! Choose from different colored fire glass and media for your gas fires. Our kettles, trivets, steamers, and andirons add the perfect traditional look to your hearth. Need a gift for a friend with a fireplace? We've got plenty! Don't forget to throw down a hearth rug for that cozy feel.

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