10 Feb 2019

Outdoor Great Room

Pellet grills are the go-to way to make fast and easy grilled food...with a twist. You get all the convenience and consistency of an electric grill, but with the classic smoky flavor you can only get from wood pellets. Cleaner and more contemporary than a standard charcoal grill, pellet grills give you the barbecue flavor you love in a grill designed for your modern home and lifestyle.

15 Aug 2018
Are you a camping lover? We certainly are! Now that colder winds are blowing, you can turn on the Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit and make your yard feel like a camp. Gather your friends and family and enjoy a cozy and happy moment with them, share stories around the fire and delight yourself with the hypnotizing flames. The big bonus of the Portable Fire pit is that you don’t need any fire-wood, nor fire-starters, nor fire-building skills. All you need is a propane tank. 


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