1 Aug 2012

Anywhere Fire Places

Submitted by dan

Many people assume that adding a fireplace to their home will be a time consuming and costly endeavor. Such is not the case. There are a number of table top fire accessories that come out of the box ready to use while providing the hypnotic warmth you would expect from a fire.

Take the Accenda Tabletop Fireplace; this beautiful piece is equally a fire place and a work of art. The stainless steel base and tempered glass cylinder give it a modern feel. The fire is bright, yet contained, making this an ideal centerpiece. For only $175 you can add this item to your home and begin enjoying it!

If you want an anywhere fireplace that is a bit larger, one you can truly gather around, I would suggest the Anywhere Floor Standing Fireplace-Madison. This is another beautiful, modern piece, but this is a bit bigger and has more of a presence. This is something you can really build a room around.

If you want a more traditional a look without too much expense, I would suggest a wall mounted fireplace. These have the look of the built-in fireplace and you can arrange a room around one accordingly. What you won’t need is a chimney or wood, just some fire pit gas!