8 Dec 2015

A "Boone" for All Fireplaces

Submitted by dan

Fireplace Tool Set with Antique Handles

If you're currently choosing components for your new fireplace, you should also pick out a set of high-quality fireplace tools. Fireplaces are complicated, specialized installations, so it makes sense that you'd need cleaning and maintenance tools that were made specifically to be used on fireplaces. You can't go wrong with Boone Hearth's Fireplace Tool Set with Antique Handles if you want both quality and value.

This tool set is made of stainless steel, and each piece has an ornate silver-toned handle. The tools can be set on the included rack and placed next to your fireplace without dectracting from it. In fact, when stored together, the tools function as as art piece, lending an old-fashioned air to the hearth area. Each set includes tongs for holding firewood, a poker to stoke the fire, and a brush and shovel to help you clean up after you put the fire out. Boone Hearth manufactured these tools to withstand high heat and intense handling. Click HERE to pick up your set of fireplace essentials.