11 Nov 2015

Build Your Own Wood Stove!

Submitted by dan

Deluxe Airtight Barrel Stove Kit

Do you want a vintage-style wood stove at a fraction of the normal cost? The Deluxe Airtight Barrel Stove Kit comes with everything you need to transform an ordinary empty barrel into an old-fashioned stove! It's great for drafty spaces like garages or basements, and it can even keep a cabin fully heated. The finished stove holds enough wood to keep a fire going all night long. 

All of the parts are cast iron. They are sized to be used with either a 30- or 55-gallon barrel. The door swings open on a hinge, and the flue, when installed correctly, really dispenses smoke. A homemade wood stove is a good alternative to utility-hogging space heaters, especially in the winter. This kit is a fun DIY project and a great gift idea! Click HERE for more information.