18 Jul 2017

A cap for every chimney

Submitted by dan

Multi-Flue Chimney Caps

If you've been following our blog updates, you're probably something of an expert on chimney caps by now. You know that a chimney cap is an affordable addition that prevents expensive damage. However, you may still have concerns about how a standard chimney cap could fit over your unconventional chimney. Rest assured that the people who manufacture chimney caps have anticipated many of the challenges that arise during the installation process. For example, many companies manufacture specialized caps just for multi-flue chimneys.

This multi-flue chimney cap from Hy-C is as easy to install as a standard cap. It encases all of the flues in one chamber and comes in multiple sizes to accommodate your chimney. It comes in the same 3/4" mesh as most standard caps, and it is also made in different heights in case your flues are especially tall or short. For more information or for help selecting the best chimney cap for you, click HERE.