Classic Style for the Modern Home

12 Jul 2016

Complete Fireplace Packages

We bet you didn't know that a fireplace could look like this! If you've been putting off getting a fireplace because you don't want to give up wall space, look no further. The Tahoe model from Empire Comfort Systems protrudes from the wall and is transparent on three sides. You can even add remote control capability. Best of all, the Tahoe is available as part of a pre-assembled fireplace package, making your selection a truly one-stop shopping experience.

The style of fireplace is ideal if your home has a modern open-floor plan. The fire can be seen from all vanage points. It acts as a small room divider and adds visual interest to your space, while the see-through construction creates the illusion of a larger room. This package comes with the peninsula fireplace unit, realistic-looking artificial logs, a brick liner, and three protective barrier screens. Wall switch or remote control adaptors can be purchased separately. Use FORM or email us at for more information about peninsula fireplaces or fireplace packages.