27 Oct 2015

DuraVent: Built to Last

Submitted by dan

Aluminum 90 Degree Adjustable Elbow - 3 inch

DuraVent opened operations in 1956. Since then, it has been a leader in manufacturing components for gas fireplaces. In 1959, the DuraChimney line was developed to service wood fireplaces. In the 90s, gas stove and direct vent parts were added. The brand ranks at the top of every product category.

In the fireplace industry, quality and safety are synonymous. This makes it easy to choose DuraVent; not only are the products engineered for quick installation, but they are made out of materials that resist the wear and corrosion that result from frequent use.

DuraVent prides itself on being a thoroughly modern company. It frequently updates its products in accordance with new scientific breakthroughs, and new products are always being added as fireplaces and stoves undergo redesigns. There is no guesswork with DuraVent. When you install these pieces, you will see them lock into place, hear them latch together, and feel them snap into alignment. Each product is made out of materials that are chosen to complement the purpose of the component. Choose DuraVent for a safe fireplace that is built to last.

Pictured: DuraVent's Aluminum 90 Degree Adjustable Elbow. It features DuraVent's revolutionary duralock system and can be adjusted to any angle between 0 and 90 degrees.