Electric Fireplaces- The Perfect Option

7 Jul 2014

Many homeowners dream of having a fireplace. The long cozy winter nights snuggled in front of the warm heat, the soft crackling of flames and, of course, the elegant look it lends to any room. However, for many, a standard wood-burning fireplace is not an option. Most fireplaces require vents and pre-existing chimneys, which is often not a possibility. Well, the perfect alternative is here! Electric fireplaces provide the ambiance and warmth you want without the hassle. Read on to see the many benefits to an electric fireplace.

Electronic fireplaces are much easier to install than a traditional fireplace. First off, these fireplaces do not emit smoke and therefore do not require a chimney. This means that these fireplaces can literally be put anywhere. This makes these fireplaces a great option for apartment owners or anyone for whom installing a chimney is not an option. You can even install an electric fireplace yourself, without a professional. These fireplaces are also portable. If you decide that you would like this beautiful showpiece in your bedroom as opposed to its usual haunt in the den, go for it! You can always move it back the next day.

For the environmentally conscious among us, electric fireplaces produce no harmful emissions or pollutants and do not consume wood or fossil fuels. There is also no combustion process involved, and fireboxes equipped with glass typically remain cool to the touch. Additionally, there is a overheat protection available on many models, meaning more safety. Electric fireplaces will not contribute to indoor moisture, mold growth, or ventilation issues.

The most compelling feature of these fireplaces to most is that it requires zero maintenance. Other models of fireplaces require constant upkeep and cleaning, not to mention chimney issues.  Not so with the electic model. Another benefit is that these fireplaces typically have a much longer lifespan than their counterparts. Because they burn no combustible fuel, corrosion is kept to a minimum. With an electic fireplace you also eliminate the hassle of dealing with fireplace or fuel- a simple remote will ingnite your flames.

The low operating costs of an electic fireplace is often seals the deal for many homeowners who are seeking to cut energy costs during the cold winter months. And as far as lending that aura of elegance to your room, our beautiful pieces will definitely do the job!

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I really want a fireplace in my new apartment, but we have no chimney. This looks perfect! Thanks for the informative blog, makes the pro's and con's of an electric fireplace much clearer.Great selection of fireplaces!