3 Nov 2015

Finally: A Fireplace Everyone Can Own!

Submitted by dan

Stonegate Electric Fireplaces

A fireplace is a key element of a comfortable, well-decorated home, but it is usually impossible for people to install them unless they own their homes and have a lot of space. Stonegate eliminates those prerequisites. Their electric fireplaces are ideal for renters and those who need to maximise small living spaces. Stonegate's units are especially suited for young adults who are setting up their own homes for the first time.

This model, the Boston Electric Fireplace, features a fireplace fixture in the middle of a wooden mantelpiece structure. The fire is framed by shelves, and there is additional space-saving storage built into the sides of the mantel. The flame image is 3-dimentional and moves realistically. The flame and heat are easily controlled with an on/off switch. This fireplace requires absolutely no set-up or installation; simply plug in and enjoy! Click HERE for more information on Stonegate fireplaces, or HERE for the Boston model.