9 Aug 2016

Fire Glass - The Possibilities are Endless!

Submitted by dan

Fire Glass

Your fireplace is such a major focal point in your home; it's natural that you would want it to reflect your tastes and personality as much as possible. Though our stock of fireplaces and fireplace packages offer you virtually every option available, you might still feel limited by the standardized designs of most units. One way to add pep to your fireplace is with fire glass in the color, size, shape, and finish of your choosing.

You can use fire glass in virtually any gas fireplace or outdoor fire pit (though you should check your owner's manual just to be sure). Fire glass is tempered and specially treated to ensure that it retains its color and shape after sustained heat exposure. The edges have been smoothed so you can handle the glass without injuring yourself. Some styles are fully translucent while others have reflective mirrored backing for extra radiance. We encourage you to get creative with your fire glass selections! Consider choosing two or three different complementary colors for a fireplace that is 100% unique! For more information about fire glass or assistance calculating how much you need for your specific unit,fill out this FORM or email us at tech@shopchimney.com.