The fire pit that hides in plain sight!

8 Jun 2016

Elementi Eco-Stone Burning Stump Fire Pit

Setting up a fire pit is a quick, fun, and easy way to get your backyard ready for the summer. But what if you don't like the look of a large device plopped in the middle of your yard? the Eco-Stone Burning Stump fire pit by Elementi might be exactly what you're looking for.

The Eco-Stone Burning Stump fire pit really looks like a freshly cut tree stump. It can be placed anywhere in your yard without drawing attention away from your preferred focal points, such as a garden or a pond. This piece is also great for smaller yards that risk looking overcrowded with a more traditional looking unit. It makes a great addition to a space that has been decorated in a rustic or quirky style. It is available in propane and natural gas models. People naturally gather around a burning fire, so choose one that you'll be glad to make the focal point of your summer parties.