15 Dec 2015

This Fireplace Brings the Heat!

Submitted by dan

2 In 1 Wall Mount Or Tabletop Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces are known for their convenience and modern designs. The 2 In 1 Wall Mount Or Tabletop Electric Fireplace from Smartworks Consumer Products has even more benefits than the typical electric fire. You can hang it up on the wall, or you can use the included stand to place it on a table. It has a sleek, shiny finish, and the flame images look realistic.

This fireplace's versatility doesn't stop there. You can choose between two different heat settings. The fire image can be turned on and off independently of the heat, and you can adjust the size and brightness of the flames. Best of all, this fireplace comes with a remote control! You can turn on and adjust the heat from across the room. At just over two feet wide, this chic and affordable fireplace is ideal for small, drafty apartments or people who want a fireplace without all the mess and hassle. Click HERE for more information!