27 Sep 2016

Indoor & Outdoor Essentials in One Set

Submitted by dan

Boone Hearth Combo Cart

If you've been watching this space, you already know all about picking out a fireplace and customizing it to fit your needs and stylistic preferences. Now comes the fun part - decorating it! We have a huge selection of mantelpieces and shelves to frame your fireplace with. We also have swinging doors and accented screens to place in front of the fire itself. Don't forget to browse all of our fireplace accessories too! You'd be surprised by all of the variety available in something as simple as a log holder or an ash shovel. One of our favorite accessory sets is this tool kit from Boone Hearth, which comes built into a miniature rolling log storage cart.

We love how this looks standing next to a fireplace. The smooth arched handles contrast nicely with the overall industrial look of the piece. You can easily roll the cart outdoors to fill it up with wood and then roll it right back into your living room. You could also use this as an outdoor piece with your fire pit or outdoor fireplace. It comes with a brush and shovel to keep the fire area clear, as well as a poker to help you keep the fire going longer. Get one for yourself or give it to a loved one as a wedding or housewarming gift! For more information about this Boone Hearth set, click HERE.