Inserts: The Easy Way to Instantly Upgrade Your Fireplace!

28 Jun 2016

Complete Fireplace Packages

Customers often come to us for help renovating an old fireplace installation. They either want to start using a fireplace that they haven't used in a while, or they've moved into a new house with a pre-installed fireplace that has fallen into disrepair. Sometimes a change in safety or environmental regulations forces you to update your fireplace to a newer model. You may want to switch to a cheaper or more efficient fuel type. Whatever your reason might be, we have a quick and easy way to instantly upgrade your existing fireplace.

An insert is a self-contained fireplace box that fits right into the opening of the fireplace you already have. Most often, customers use inserts to convert a traditional wood fireplace to a contemporary gas one. Sometimes safety concerns cause people to turn a wood or gas unit into a more decorative electric or gel fuel one. Inserts allow you to install a new fireplace fixture without undertaking a wholly new construction project. As an added bonus, installing an insert makes future repairs even easier: all you have to do is swap out the insert! When you buy an insert as part of a fireplace package, we'll even send you all of the additional pieces you need to make your insert look good and work properly. Since you'll be upgrading to a newer type of fireplace, consider package that comes with a remote control. Instead of gathering wood for an old-fashioned fireplace, you can simply push a button from the comfort of your couch! You can even adjust the temperature of the flames. To learn more about the ways you can upgrade an old fireplace, fill out this FORM or email us at