2 Aug 2016

The Mirror Onyx Fireplace is Electrifying!

Submitted by dan

Mirror Onyx 50-Inch Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace - Black

Here's another unique fireplace for those of you with unconventional tastes! This model benefits from the latest technology, creating the most realistic looking artificially-generated flame possible. The Mirror Onyx fireplace is a versatile unit that is sure to be an asset to any room layout and style of decor.

As with all of our wall-hanging fireplaces, you can install the Mirror Onyx simply by attaching the included hardware to your wall and then mounting the unit on it. We like to think of this type of fireplace as a work of art, especially since it can be easily integrated into an arrangement of art pieces or framed photos. The face of this fireplace transforms into a mirror when it is turned off, presenting even more possibilities. Additionally, this model can be inserted flush into your wall so it takes up virtually no space. Its fuss-free electric functionality and space-saving design make the Mirror Onyx an excellent choice for an apartment, bedroom, or home office! To learn more about all of our non-traditional fireplace models, fill out this FORM or email us at tech@shopchimney.com.