28 May 2018

The most versatile cooking grill ever

Submitted by dan

The Cobb BBQ Grill can roast, bake, smoke and fry.Weighing only 8.8lbs (4kg), it’s as compact as it gets. Using only 8–10 charcoal briquets for a minimum of 2 hours of cooking, it’s extremely fuel efficient. And being made of high quality materials (like stainless steel and Teflon), it’s durable and rust proof for all your outdoor adventures.

This is what Nathalie, one of our customers, think: “I love this grill! I've used it several times and have no complaints! […] I've grilled vegetables and burgers. I'm giving away my too-big gas grill and huge barrel smoker charcoal grill.” Want to see for yourself? Get your own Cobb BBQ Grill today!