17 Nov 2015

One Fire Fits All

Submitted by dan

Gloss Black Paris Tabletop Ethanol Fuel Fireplace

Here at ShopChimney, we like to bring major home features like fireplaces to unlikely places. Eco-Feu is one of these special brands. Their miniature fireplaces can be used in any sort of house or apartment, and they require no special set-up or installation. The Gloss Black Paris Tabletop Ethanol Fuel Fireplace is an attention-grabbing unit that suspends a flame between two square panes of glass. Each glass panel measures just slightly less than 8" x 8", and the fuel is housed in the shiny black base.

This mini fireplace can be used anywhere there is a flat surface. Some people make the Paris Tabletop a permant centerpiece in their dining rooms, and others take it with them as they move from room to room, even bringing it outside. It emanates a fair amount of heat, and it burns for up to four hours per fuel refill. Instead of using candles, consider illuminating your dinner table or living room with a full fire. Click HERE for more information, and watch the video blow to see the Paris Tabletop in action.