13 Sep 2016

Our favorite way to eat-za pizza!

Submitted by dan

KettlePizza Grill Kits

Artisanal stone-fired pizza is one of today's biggest food trends. Cooking pizza this way makes the crust extra crispy and leaves the cheese moist. The pizza is infused with smoky flavor. This style of pizza usually features locally grown ingredients and extra-fresh toppings. Since the pizzas are flash-baked, the toppings don't char. Herbs stay tart and green, and meats broil instead of burn. You'll be surprised by all of the flavors you were never able to taste in conventional pizza. You can't get this type of pizza delivered to your home, and restaurants that serve it are routinely packed at mealtimes. With KettlePizza, you can make your own stone-fired pizza right on the kettle grill you already have! Save money and time, and make your pizza exactly how you like it!

There is virtually no setup involved in using a KettlePizza kit. Just place the pizza oven sleeve on top of your round kettle grill and you're good to go! Cook on the included stone for an especially crispy crust or the pan for a softer one. If you want your pizza to be even crisper or if you want your pizza to cook more quickly, consider adding the baking steel to the top of the pizza sleeve. When placed directly on your grill the baking steel transforms into a combination griddle and skillet. You could prepare and enjoy your breakfast outdoors, fresh off the griddle! These KettlePizza products are essential for anyone who loves pizza and creative cooking!