2 Jul 2012

Outdoor Gas Fire Pits

Submitted by dan

Sometimes you want a more exciting approach to outdoor cooking and the typical BBQ just isn't enough for you. That's fine! What you might be interested in getting is an outdoor fire pit. With one of these exciting backyard accessories you can feel like you're right on a campground, roasting marshmallows and barbequeing ribs, burgers, shish-ka-bobs and more. 

Having this outdoor space to sit around evokes memories and fun stories, so it's important you pick one that works for you. There are chimney-style ones, the camping bonfire look, a fire bowl, or a tabletop. All of these are viable options. And you will need the right parts for them. You will need fuel to ignite the flame, flame glass or beads, and a burner. These are essential pieces for having a long lasting and enjoyable outdoor fire pit. 

Pick a size safe for your patio or backyard area, leave enough distance between it and anything flammable. They range between the sizes 20 and 45 inches in diameter. It should be made of sturdy materials and the base should be very strong. 

Once you've covered these basics, you can narrow down the options that best fit your needs. Enjoy your outdoor resting/ cooking space!