3 Sep 2014

The Portable Rotisserie

Submitted by dan

If you're a frequent camper, hunter, or fisher, you know the feeling of coming back to camp, starving for a good meal. How does a supper of dry cereal and a granola bar sound? Not too awesome. How about a freshly roasted chicken with that slow roasted flavor? Now we're talking! If your looking for your food to be cooked to perfection, the rotisserie will do the job. Rotisseries slowly rotate your meat and give it a slow roasted flavor that is simply delicious. The Grizzly Spit battery powered rotisserie is perfect to bring with you just about anywhere! Whether it's hunting, camping, fishing, boating, or even in your own back yard, take your rotisserie along for a well-deserved, delicious supper.

This rotisserie is designed to cook up to 15 pounds of food- more than enough for all your hungry campers. It has a three foot crossbar that fits into the battery operated motor. The crossbar comes with two spit forks which lock the food on the crossbar so that the food does not slip while the rotisserie is in motion. Best of all, the rotisserie does the job by itself, so you can leave the food on the fire and get back to hunting. The 1 gear reduction motor will run 20 hours on the batteries. No supper could be simpler- just add food and fire!

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I'm the frequent camper type, and I also do a lot of hunting. This rotisserie is perfect. As you said, it's great for a well-deserved supper at the end of a physically exhausting day! I've taken this with me pretty much everywhere, very portable and reliable.