19 Jan 2019

Pro Grills at Great Prices!

Submitted by dan

Crown Verity Grill Cart

Grilling season is one of ShopChimney's favorite times of the year! We love knowing that our grills, smokers, and barbecue tools have helped to make your spring and summer even more enjoyable. There's just something a little more special about eating a steak or burger fresh off the grill.

Not all of our customers use their grills to cook for their friends and families. Many are professionals who prepare top-notch food for paying clients at parties and special events. A mobile grill like this one from Crown Verity is sturdy enough to take on the road. The finely calibrated temperature controls prepare food that impresses even the toughest clients. The fuss-free control panel and small size make it ideal for backyard grilling as well. To see our entire grill catalog for professionals and enthusiasts, click HERE.